Who are our patients?

FRIENDS IN NEED serves the working uninsured in Sullivan, Hawkins, Washington, and Greene counties in Tennessee and Scott, Wise, and Lee counties in Virginia. Twenty-five percent of our community falls into this segment of society and the numbers are rapidly growing. Some of those who fall into this 25 percent are working single-parent families; people who are working but do not have the income to purchase insurance, people who have jobs that don’t provide insurance, people with part-time jobs, people with low-paying jobs, and people who are attempting to become self-sufficient while getting off government-assistance programs.


Affordable Care Act

Many are asking these days about the future of Friends In Need Health Center in light of the Affordable Care Act. Since the passage of this legislation, we have sought to understand what it means for our clinic and those we serve. We believe, and our view has been confirmed byoutside experts, that many in our community will remain uninsured for one reason or another and there will still be significant gaps in access to affordable health care. The need for our clinic is not going away anytime soon! Your continued support is much appreciated.