Friends In Need continually strives to offer the best on-site primary and dental care to those in our area who need it most. This work could not be done without the generosity of our volunteers and donors throughout our community.
Even with the outstanding support of our medical and dental volunteers, the cost of healthcare for our patients is continuing to increase. The average cost to treat each patient is $150. You can help insure that Friends In Need will continue to provide the quality healthcare for the working uninsured in our region. Please consider donating to this great organization. You may securely and conveniently place a donation of any amount by clicking the “donate” button and using a credit card or an existing PayPal account.

Many are asking these days about the future of Friends In Need Health Center in light of the Affordable Care Act. Since the passage of this legislation, we have sought to understand what it means for our clinic and those we serve. We believe, and our view has been confirmed by outside experts, that many in our community will remain uninsured for one reason or another and there will still be significant gaps in access to affordable health care. The need for our clinic is not going away anytime soon! Your continued support is much appreciated.