Patient Comments

September 11, 2009

” Thank the good lord above for great people like the staff and doctors here. we love you!”

“i have never been treated with such care. My nurse and doctors where so kind and understanding. I have so much respect for all of you, each one, I know you are all volunteers, but God will bless all of you, for what you do for people like me. I am grateful for all the help FIN has given me.

“This place is so awesome for people who don’t have insurance.  The nurses are all about taking care of the patients.”

“You all are a God send!  I appreciate you all so much, you give me hope.  Thank you!”

“Everyone here is great!  Thanks to all the volunteers!  Services are wonderful, the doctors are great!”

“I thank God for this place!  It may have saved my life.”

“I love this place.  The staff is great!  All the nurses are so nice.  Dr. Oh is very helpful.”

“It has always been pleasant and Friends In Need has saved our lives!  Everyone here is friendly and professional.”

“You all rock!  Thanks!”

“All the doctors and staff are very good!”

“The physicians are very thorough and very good.  I am happy to be a patient here!”


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