We would like to thank the following volunteers for their services.


Dr. Tom Brock

Dr. John Chapman

Dr. Wesley Eastridge

Dr. Judy Fischer

Dr. David Garriott

Dr. Doris Hubbs

Dr. S. Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Robert Lee

Dr. Robert Patton

Dr. P.J. Powers

Dr. Robert Skinner

Dr. Robert Strang

Dr. Michael Winsor

King College Nurse Practioners

Christy Blevins, FNP

Donna Fraysier, FNP

ETSU  EMT Students



Brenda Brown

Rachel Coleman

Susan Rasmussen

NES Student Nurses

King College Student Nurses

Wellmont CAP Nurses


Dr. T.R. Patel

Dr. Greg Moore

Dr. Susan Creech

Dental Assistants & Hygienists

Laura Smith, RDH

Dr. Frances G. “Ruth” Ketron

ETSU  Dental Hygiene Students

NES  Dental Assistant Students

New Applicant Screeners

Linda Carrico

Nancy Strickland

Justine Hill

Jim Hutchins

Loretta Nitschke

Gregory Rasmussen

Rosalee Sites

Jim Thetford


ETSU Students

Administrative Workers

Karen McClellan

Nancy Strickland

United Way Day of Caring Group from Eastman Chemical Company